A bit about me

I started out as a Primary School teacher and left the profession in 2004 to work in Design. Around this time my mum had her “colours done” and I found it so fascinating I followed suit and this is what started me off on my new career direction.

I loved it that I didn’t have to waste time in shops looking at *everything*…I knew immediately what was going to work for me and what wasn’t. I tried colours I had never worn before and could see the immediate difference….I was hooked!

So I took a career sidestep and trained with Colour Me Beautiful and have been working as an Image Consultant for the past 12 years. I love fashion, styling and making people feel really good about themselves. I get my inspiration from all media and print channels and my all-time favorites Pinterest and Instagram.

I have two girls so am fully aware of the “juggling mum” situation and the knock on effects of this; changed body shape, less time and money to shop, prioritizing your family’s needs and therefore feeling like “you” are getting lost.

Through working closely with my Image Consultancy clients, it was inevitable that issues of poor body image, self-esteem and confidence would arise. By training to be a Life Coach in 2008 I was then qualified to help them…but not in a way that was overly formal or intense. As summarized by one of my clients “Coaching with Kate is like talking to a really good mate – except she is trained to know how to help me help myself and she won’t let me wriggle out of the hard stuff!”

I work from my studio in Dumbleton, but travel to client’s homes and offices around Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and beyond. I also can do consultations via Skype.

I also have a rather strong love for leopard print shoes!