A bit about me

I started out as a Primary School teacher and left the profession in 2004 to work in Design. Around this time my mum had her “colours done” and I found it so fascinating I followed suit and this is what started me off on my new career direction.

I trained with Colour Me Beautiful in 2004 and after working as an Image Consultant for four years, I decided I wanted to offer more depth to my service and go beyond “the surface”, so in 2009 I trained to be a Life Coach at the University of Newcastle.

I love fashion, styling and the creative process of helping people feel really good about themselves through the clothes they wear. However, more importantly,  I love being able to use my knowledge and experience as a Coach and Image Consultant to help others gain more clarity about themselves, their style, their brand and where they are going in life.

The work I do enables me to work with such a diverse range of people and situations; CEO’s, managers, lawyers, retailers, brands, mums, creatives, and scientists. It doesn’t matter which situation you are in – my services enable all to make the best impression to others or to their clients and customers.

I could not love what I do more…and I know my enthusiasm is infectious to my clients. I have many years of experience honing my knowledge; knowing how to get to the heart of someone’s personality and therefore being able to make the service I give, truly bespoke.

I have two girls who are 5 and 8 years old. I manage my work alongside them, but prioritise being a mum during their holidays…as to me – that is what my work/life balance is all about.

In my spare time I try to control my love for leopard print shoes, immerse myself in salvage yards and can knock out a killer chocolate brownie!