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Chose which one of my webinars will help you to discover how to dress your best for any occasion...

For the past 15 years I have worked with thousands of people to learn how to feel good about themselves, to dress well for any occasion, to get their wardrobes working hard for them and to achieve new levels of self-acceptance. I do this through one to one consultations and through presentations at ticketed events. Not everyone can attend these sessions, so my webinars bring this information to you – wherever you are!
My webinars help you to understand more about your own style, how to get your wardrobe working harder for you and how to update it easily with styles of clothes that work for you. I also give out lots of tips, tricks and ideas that I have accumulated over the last 15 years that I usually only get to share with my private clients and audiences. Now you get the chance to hear these too!
You can buy your place for individual sessions or you can subscribe to the whole series for a bundle price. If you can’t make the date and time of the webinar it doesn’t matter as I record all of them- so can send a link to the video to watch in your own time.

Here are some testimonials from those who have already watched one of my webinars:

“Thank you Kate, incredibly helpful and really enjoyed it.”
“Great advantage being able to watch in my own time…thank you SO much- brilliant advice”
“Thank you so much- that was amazing- I will re watch again tonight in order to engrain new strategy – have spent a life time falling into all the traps you explained!”
“Thank you! So helpful- will definitely sign up for next one!”

Details are below of what my current webinars are covering and the prices.

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