Are you desperately wanting to feel put-together and beautiful, but when you open your closet doors to get ready each morning you’re faced with a rack full of drab clothes that make you feel frumpy and NOT ready to take on the day?

Or perhaps you’ve just finished your third shopping trip to buy something special for the big occasion you have coming up, but everything you tried made you feel horrible so once again you will be wearing something black, shapeless and so not you

Have you fallen into the pattern of wearing the same “uniform” day in, day out? It wouldn’t be so bad if you actually liked the clothes, but you’ve noticed yourself avoiding mirrors and making sure you’re the one taking pictures, not featuring in them, because you’re embarrassed about how you look…

If that sounds like you then you will find that being part of my private membership group will really help you. It’s time to leave the shame and self-judgment behind and learn how to showcase the best version of yourself to the world. I’ve helped thousands of women in my 15 years plus as an Image Consultant and Life Coach, so I know I can solve it for you too.

I have designed my monthly membership to be as straight-forward and helpful as possible, (see below to see what’s included) but ultimately it is there for you to learn how to know what works for you and what to avoid, to learn how to pull outfits togehter that make you feel great and to learn how to show the world your true style. Then you can sit back and watch your confidence grow!

£27 /MONTH or
£324 /YEAR
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  • A membership portal where you can access on-demand video training that walks you through discovering every aspect of your style, how to implement it and how to dress in a way that makes YOU look amazing.
  • Access to the private Facebook group full of a community of like-minded women where I hold additional training, answer your questions and you can get the support you need to understand the knowledge that will change how you dress and transform how you feel.
  • A monthly LIVE Q&A session where you can get insight into your personal situation and those burning questions answered by me, a professional Image Consultant, in real-time.
  • An additional monthly how-to video on knowledge and education that’s relevant RIGHT NOW. Whether that’s what to wear to Christmas parties in December, what to pack for a hot holiday in July when wearing a swimsuit scares the bejeebus out of you or just something that YOU need help with.
  • A monthly blog post exclusive to members, like a mini-magazine distilling my top tips that I’ve learned from years in the industry and insider information passed on from my knowledgable contacts. I whittle it all down to just the things that work and make the biggest difference for the least amount of time and effort.
  • Plus, each month I hand-picked a list of current discount codes for fashion brands worth buying from, so you don’t have to do all the legwork but you still save money!

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