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Fashion, styling, living positively, things I think you’ll be interested in….I hope you find these helpful…

20 things about me…

I have been nominated a few times by friends on Instagram to "tell all" by listing 20 things about myself that might otherwise have never occurred to me to share with the wider world! I'm not a massive "sharer" on social media as I see these channels

Feeling on the front foot…

I wanted to do a Life Coaching blog today as I have been working with a few clients who are all trying to deal with conflict and how to handle it in a constructive way to so that they leave the conversation positively and as though they have

It’s the little things…

All too often when I am talking to clients they are worried that I am going to make them go out and buy loads of new clothes and they are going to have to spend a small fortune on lots of items

Clash of the Titans

This time of year is manic for me as my clients are needing my help to sort their wardrobes out; to know what to get rid of, to get ideas of what to put together, to find out where the gaps are and ideas

New brand on the block….Cefinn

Cefinn, a new brand from the gorgeous Samantha Cameron was launched earlier this month with a capsule collection of 36 pieces. As you might expect, it is very reflective of Samcam's personal style with clean lines, a simple colour palette and elegant silhouettes. Samantha says of

Dressing for Impressing…

When it comes to “workwear” dressing, there are a multitude of possible options — and an equal number of ways to go wide of the mark. Professional attire matters because like it or not, the impression we make on others, is shaped by our

Ripping up the rule book!

So often clients tell me after their consultation that they wished they had come to see me sooner but they were worried that the experience was going to be full of rules and restrictions with no flexibility on "the advice". If I had a £1

Fitness or fashion

Getting a new pair of trainers at the beginning of the year is like getting a new pencil case for the start of school. This season whether you are a gym fan or have a gym phobia, the choice available will really put a

On the radio

I was a contributor to the BBC Hereford and Worcester Drive Time radio show today