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Fashion, styling, living positively, things I think you’ll be interested in….I hope you find these helpful…

Procrastination termination

I have been a coaching a client recently whose brief to me was to help her to stop procrastinating. She had so many jobs on her "to-do" list that she ended up doing anything but.  She told me she would only get the job done when the

Flat-shoe low down…

39% of men think their partner has too many pairs of shoes 55% of men have had to carry their girlfriend because their feet hurt One in two women owns more than 30 pairs of shoes 8% of women own more than 100

How do you get a half-full cup?

One of the most common questions my Life Coaching clients ask me is how to become more of an optimist. If it doesn't come naturally it can be a really hard mindset to get into as you are so "programmed" to be thinking in a particular

A little request…

I am sorry to bother you twice in one day but I hoped I might be able to ask a really quick favour? I'm giving a few of my social media channles an overhaul and it would so help me if you could click on this

Keeping it cool in the office

One of the biggest style dilemmas many of us will come across when dressing appropriately for work is when the temperatures rises. As this week has got hotter an hotter, I have had a few distress calls from clients asking for any pointers on great work

That extra layer..

Spring is in full swing and Summer is not far off, but unpredictable temperatures mean that when it comes to the UK Summertime, it always pays to be prepared(!!) I am  a MAJOR fan of a jacket..in any form. I am more drawn to jackets

Maxi Dress- maxi advice..

  When I carry out a Style Consultation with a client I always ask them to bring a selection of their own clothes to the consultation so we can discuss them. By the time we get to talk about them in their consultation I will

Steps to success

I read a brilliant article the other day by Zdravko Cvijetic who writes about self improvement; it was a list of steps he suggests you give up in order to help you to become more successful. It made for an interesting read and while I didn't

Timeless Styling Advice…

From ‘less is more’ through to ‘don’t show your underwear’ styling pearls of wisdom often stand the test of time. I saw an article in a magazine the other day that selected a few style lessons from iconic women that we can all apply

Consider your cloth….

We often consider colours and styles when choosing our clothes, but how often do we really think about the fabric? As an Image Consultant, one of the key things I tell clients is that fabric can make or break your outfit. This is always