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Fashion, styling, living positively, things I think you’ll be interested in….I hope you find these helpful…

My Bodega Womanswear Autumn Picks

Hello! If you follow me on social media (Instagram and Facebook) you will have seen the videos I do for Bodega Womenswear (based in Cheltenham and Worcester) every few months. I try on pieces from their collection that I really like and give lots

Not back…but forwards

"Hello September, back to school” – often the words seen in shops, editorial and social media and it gives the impression we are going "back to the grind". Away from sunny days, drinking Rose with friends and never having to wear a coat- it

My Boden Picks…

Hello, I thought I would start off the season with a series of blogs on my key picks from some of my favourite brands..so that when the catalogue or email lands with you, you have an inside track on what might work for you and

September Events

Hello! I hope you are really well and had a good summer? I just wanted to let you know of two events I am doing during September. Thursday 13th September at Jax Jeans in Hungerford, Berks.  10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. I will be doing a short presentation

Half way point…

You may remember a few weeks back I did  a post called "Bringing in the big Guns" where I talked about different skin treatments I was embarking on  to deal with thread veins, acne scarring and general dull,  (nearly!) 40-year-old skin! I am half way

All you need to know about glasses…

I don't think I have ever done a blog on glasses, yet they are something I am asked about a lot! Therefore, I thought it might be helpful if I pulled together the guidelines I would always use when advising clients in one to

Bringing in the big guns!

So this year I turn 40; and I am appreciating the year-long run up to the big day as it is allowing me time to get my head around it. It’s not that I mind ageing- what I find harder to accept is that

King of Colours

Whenever clients ask me about “a capsule wardrobe” they refer to it as though it’s illusive, hard to achieve and totally out of their reach. My answer to them is always the same- a capsule wardrobe relies on having good basics; once you have those