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Fashion, styling, living positively, things I think you’ll be interested in….I hope you find these helpful…

Pucker Up!

In the last few weeks I have been asked numerous times about my thoughts on  a statement lipstick

Redescovering old favourites

The brilliant thing about doing a Wardrobe Weed is that you discover things you have forgotten about as they have been hidden behind all those items you wear on a regular basis. I don't know how many times I have quoted "you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80%

The figures behind “First Impressions”

I found an interesting (albeit controversial!) article in The Times recently quoting the first female Chair of The Institute of Directors - Lady Judge (see photo). As it's a paid article, I'm not able to share the whole thing with you, however, here's a little


When you come for a Style Consultation I will tell you which fabrics and textures will work best for you; your body shape, your lifestyle and your budget. My favourite ultimate luxury fabric for Winter has to be cashmere; once you pull on a cashmere jumper you

Time management – Tick-Tock

"And that, sweetheart, is what's called a 'life skill'” was my comment to my six-year-old when she finally cracked the enigma that is shoe-lace tying. This comment was met with curiosity as she then wanted to know how many life skills there were and when

It’s all in the planning

With the autumnal weather now kicking in, we’re officially allowed to embrace the chunky knits, scarves and boots again. I for one always get excited about the prospect of updating my wardrobe and getting into the shops to refresh some old looks and find

Life Coaching

First impressions – Smack on a smile…

So September always heralds the start of new things…. new term, new school shoes, new X-Factor or Strictly series to get stuck into and if you read my blog post last month, new lifestyle for me as my youngest starts school. My blog this

A new chapter vs “I don’t want her to grow up”?

Wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, cake-lover, handbag-obsesser, list-writer, enthusiastic but impatient gardener, talkative, tall…. This is me. My reality for the past six years is that I have been a mummy to two girls as well as running my Life Coaching and Image Consultancy