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Fashion, styling, living positively, things I think you’ll be interested in….I hope you find these helpful…

The boots low-down

In the UK we just love our boots! Boots are more than just staple footwear for winter; they can be practical or uber-stylish and are extremely versatile for dressing up or down. Investing in a couple of pairs will see you through from workdays

Go Green!

You may or may not have noticed the hum of chatter about this season's " colour" as decided by Pantone; every year they select a shade that they feel represents what is happening in our global culture and therefore serves as an expression of a mood and an

Make every day a duvet day!

I'm thinking that if you are anything like me you will be wanting to get out for some fresh air over the next week or so at regular intervals to to take a few "putting loads of family under one roof for a length

Eye eye!

Morning! In the run up to "the big day" I thought it might be useful to have some eye makeup ideas to go with your "party outfits"! Personally- I am more inclined to go large on the eye makeup then I am on the corresponding lipstick. (I

Colour Analysis

Colourful Christmas….!

I may be a little biased, but having your colours analysed is truly a transformational experience and if you’re struggling to think of a special gift for your partner, friend or relative this Christmas then colour consultation is really something special! Here are a few reasons

Angel-dust sprinkling…

…Is how my four year old described the sequin top I wore to a party on Saturday…so I thought this was the perfect title for a “party wear” blog with a slight difference. Sure, a little black dress or Le Smoking suit is always

Your job..good, bad or *bleh*

So today is "International Image Consultants Day" (who knew!) and it got me thinking about who makes these "days" and, if each role and profession had one- how it would it make you reflect on the job you do? It has certainly made me reflect