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How Does It Work?

In a simplified form, the coaching process follows this format:

Some clients come to me knowing exactly what they want to focus on; others need more guidance. So we discuss and make a list of the areas of your life you are not happy with and would like to change. You then decide on which area you would like to start with and we then set a goal to aim for.


We consider all the elements that need to be in place for you to reach that goal, and draw up an Action Plan. We then look at the roadblocks that may lie in your path and work out how you can overcome them.


For the following sessions we discuss whether you are making progress towards your goal; positive and negative repercussions of carrying out your Action Plan and how we can improve the plan to make the outcomes solely positive and therefore enabling you to reach your goal quicker.


Our coaching relationship will finish when we both feel that you are able to continue on your own making the changes in your life using the techniques I have taught you. You may not have reached all your goals by this stage, but you have the tools at your disposal in order to reach them on your own. We will devise a plan going forward so that you feel confident on what you are focusing on.


You can have “refresher” sessions at any point after Step 5 in order to discuss where you are up to and where you are going. This can be purely a booster session and a re-clarification of what you are trying to achieve. Or it could be an opportunity to explore the possible different approaches to a goal that might not have been clear to you or possible before.


Each session lasts two hours and is charged at an hourly rate of £125/hour.

I can conduct your session in a format that suits you- face to face, by phone, email, place of work or on Skype. The quantity, regularity and location of our session depends on you.

I ask you to commit to a minimum of three sessions so that you can really experience how the Coaching process works and essentially *get your feet under the table*.

Once you have had three sessions we will then discuss options for going forward- you may feel you now have enough understanding of the techniques that are going to help you to achieve your goals, or you may feel you still need more guidance from me.

I do offer ‘one off’ sessions, however, these are really only suitable as a ‘top up’ for those who have already had coaching with me.

The sessions are invoiced and paid for in advance.

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