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A goal without a plan is just a wish

Everyone has a goal but to turn its success into a reality, it needs roots and guidance. That is what I give you.

Through in-depth questioning I help my clients to work out what barriers they perceive to be standing in their way to what they want and work with them to remove them.

This type of questioning can also shed light on the causes of why someone might be feeling unsettled with their current situation, unfulfilled by their life choices or overwhelmed by their lifestyle.

To be able to simply talk through problems with a qualified and trusted third party- who is removed from your situation, brings huge clarity. I am there to hold up a mirror to show you how your behavioural habits can effect the outcome of what you want in life.

Part of the coaching process also involves learning new techniques- such a time management, how to create balance for yourself, how to change your perception of situations. Thus allowing you to learn how adapt your behaviour so that you can move forward on your own, with a stocked “tool kit” as to how to be the best you.


  • I’d like a change of direction in my life but don’t know where to start- so I end up doing nothing
  • I feel lonely running my business and need support in decisions I am making
  • I want to lose that last stone – but seem to constantly stuck making the wrong choices
  • I want to be better at managing my time and work/life balance – I seem to always be running late and feeling constantly frustrated that I am doing nothing properly
  • I want to put myself forward for apromotion but keep losing confidence

How does it work

Like talking to a friend- Kate makes you feel so comfortable – but she is the one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. Her ability to get to the root of the problem- summarise it and then turn it back to you to solve- it was so liberating.

Kathryn Walker
Advertising Director