Session Details | Kate Evans Image Consultant & Life Coach
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Session Details

  • Each session lasts one hour and is charged at an hourly rate of £75/hour.
  • I can conduct your session in a format that suits you- face to face, by phone, email, place of work or on Skype. The quantity, regularity and location of our session depends on you.
  • I ask you to commit to a minimum of six sessions so that you can really experience how the Life Coaching process works and essentially *get your feet under the table*.
  • Once you have had four sessions we will then discuss options for going forward- you may feel you now have enough understanding of the techniques that are going to help you to achieve your goals, or you may feel you still need more guidance from me.
  • I do offer ‘one off’ sessions, however, these are really only suitable as a ‘top up’ for those who have already had coaching with me.