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Workshops, Presentations & Parties


If you are wanting a ‘hands-on’ approach then this is a fantastic introduction for small groups to find out about Colour, Style, Make-up and how to create the illusive Capsule Wardrobe. Whether it’s for a Hen-Do, a local group get-together, teenage treat or you are a group of mums who want some time out, this is a great way to have fun together while learning something really useful!

All Workshops are held in my private Studio in Dumbleton. Each workshop is designed for between 4-6 people


You will learn how to dress in the way which suits your body shape, your lifestyle and personality. You will find out how to choose the types of clothing which will accentuate your good features and minimise your less-than-perfect areas. Results will build your confidence and save you time and money when shopping as you will know what to buy and what to avoid. Bring along some of your own clothes to understand what’s right (or wrong) about them; I will help you to apply the theory to the practice.

COST: £85/person 
DURATION: Up to 2.5 hours dependant on number of people
YOUR RECEIVE:  Style Notes


By looking at the way in which your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together, you’ll be shown how to wear the colours from your personal palette, enabling you to look younger, healthier and fitter! I will also show you how to apply a natural-looking, long-lasting, make-up application – in your colour tones.

COST: £95/person 
DURATION: Up to 3.5 hours depends on number of people
YOUR RECEIVE: Your own personalized Colour Wallet


You don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes to be well dressed you just need the knowledge to know what items should be in it and how to invest in items that will really earn their keep.

COST: £55.00/person 
DURATION: 2 hours
YOUR RECEIVE: Supporting handouts an wardrobe checklist


Tailored to any group size I can deliver an entertaining and informative session with lots of ideas, tips and hand-outs to take away

Choose from the following areas.

  • How to feel confident in Colour
  • Fashion Update for the season
  • How to dress the Post-Baby Body
  • How to dress your best with Style tips and tricks
  • How to create the “right” image for the workplace
  • Or **contact me** to discuss your requirements

COST: Prices start from £200
DURATION: Please call or email me to discuss your requirements

Speaking at the Cheltenham Maman launch event along side @mother_pukka, @carasuthers and @grandmother_pukka


Parties are a great way to spend time with friends and a relatively inexpensive way of ‘tasting’ the Colour Me Beautiful experience. It’s fun and social, plus you will learn lots.

These are usually hosted at the organiser’s venue. Parties work best with between 8-15 people.


Learn about your colouring and what that means to the clothes and make-up you wear. You will also discover what your body shape is and how to dress it. You can also purchase a palette of fabric swatches – for when you next go shopping, should you wish to.

£30/person (minimum 10 people)
DURATION: Dependent on numbers


Discover the latest ideas for colours, style and accessorizing and find out which of the latest trends you should be wearing – and where to find them!

£30/person (minimum 10 people)
DURATION: Dependent on numbers


Learn some new techniques and what make-up colours suit you from the Colour Me Beautiful range which is designed specifically to suit your colour type. 

£30/person (minimum 10 people)
DURATION: Dependent on numbers