Style Consultation Gloucestershire | Kate Evans Image Consultant & Life Coach Slug
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Style Consultation

A Style Consultation is an assessment of your style personality, body shape, scale and proportions. I will identify the types of fabrics, cuts, prints and accessories that will flatter you the most and which you should avoid, so that it will take away the guesswork for you.

  • As with a Colour Consultation, I find out about you; your lifestyle and your needs so that I can make sure my advice is utterly personal to you.
  • You will complete a questionnaire to determine what your Style Personality is…essentially – how you naturally like to dress. We then go on to discover how you aspire to dress.
  • I will then look at your body shape, proportions and scale and give you advice about shapes, patterns, fabrics, lengths, styles, details, cuts, lines and accessories that will flatter you as well as the best shops for your body shape/needs.
  • I ask clients to bring clothes along to the consultation so that you can apply the knowledge you have just learnt.
  • Finally, I will fill in your Style Workbook – showing you which clothing styles will work for you and which to avoid, what shops will work for you and how to work out what should and shouldn’t be in your wardrobe.

COST: £150
DURATION: 2 hours
YOUR RECEIVE: A personalised workbook with written session notes