Colour Analysis Gloucestershire | Kate Evans Image Consultant & Life Coach
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Colour Analysis

This process helps you to understand what type of colours suit you best; taking out the guesswork and giving you ideas that you might never have considered.

  • We will discuss your needs as well as your lifestyle so that I can tailor the consultation to them.
  • Then by looking at your hair and eye colour, as well as your skin tone, I will be able to give you the characteristics of your colouring.
  • During the consultation I will do your makeup – showing what colours work, how to apply them and how to change makeup looks from day to evening.
  • Finally, I will guide you through your “pallet”. This is a leather wallet that contains all 42 swatches of colours that are in your range; showing you your best neutral colours  as well as colours that make you “pop” and colours that work well when worn together.
  • All this information will be written into your pallet… so you don’t have to try to remember it!

COST: £150
DURATION: 1 ½ hours
YOUR RECEIVE: A personalised 42 colour swatch wallet