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Image Consultancy

Over the years I have had so many clients comment “I should have done this years ago…it would have saved me SO much time and money”.

The service I offer is a professional one…in the sense that, like others, it is there to make your life easier, to save you time and to be more efficient.

To have great personal style you have to go clothes shopping. You need the right amount of clothes in complimentary colours, fitted perfectly, from the right shops and at the right price. Just find the time to do it, battle your way through the shops and navigate out the items that won’t work for you…



I trained with Europe’s Leading Image Consultancy Colour Me Beautiful. Whatever your age or needs, I can help you to transform your appearance by showing you how to make the most of yourself. The services I offer are no longer just for those who are in the public eye or have a huge disposable income – they are for everyone.

A consultation with me is more then just “the information” it is a whole experience. I have a private studio in my garden, where we can really concentrate on YOU.

I very much value word of mouth recommendations – they are the life blood to my business…so as a thank you for referring any of your friends to me who then go on to enjoy a consultation with me, I will give you 10% off your next session with me.

For more information, to buy a gift voucher, or to make an appointment, please get in touch.

Image Consultancy