Corporate Life Coaching | Kate Evans Image Consultant & Life Coach
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Corporate Life Coaching

Every day each member of staff in an organization walks in to work with their own agenda; their own ‘to-do list’,  their own challenges, their own worries and their own dreams.
Bespoke, professional coaching for leaders, managers and teams gives each member of staff the opportunity to work through what’s important to them; helping them to feel happier, more fulfilled and more confident in their professional and personal life.  As a result, they will perform to their maximum, creating an organisation which is more efficient and competitive in its field – a win, win situation!

The Boorman Review 2009 reported that organisations which prioritise staff health and wellbeing performed better overall, had improved customer satisfaction, higher staff retention and lower sickness absence rates…

The coaching process will enable the following… this is not an exhaustive list… but a guide.

  • Give staff a “Safe Space” to discuss confidential issues and “let off steam”
  • The opportunity to challenge unhelpful perspectives and thinking
  • The ability to become self-reflective and work on self-improvement
  • To learn time management techniques so that they don’t necessarily work harder- they just work smarter
  • To work out what their ideal work/life balance looks like and how they can achieve it
  • To set goals and work out how they will achieve them
  • To identify the barriers that stand in the way of achieving their goals
  • Build confidence in their abilities as they will see the results of the changes they are making
  • Understand and manage their own stress and its triggers

My focus is on the individual and their whole life, tailoring the coaching to individual needs and challenges. This leads to personal and professional success, with an impact on both the person and the organisation.



  • I would arrange an exploratory conversation with the person to be coached to discuss their challenges and the changes they’d like to make.
  • I would then meet with their line manager or sponsor to  discuss their expectations of the process. Here we can clarify expectations and roles for the coaching, establish individual and organisational needs, agree confidentiality and ask any questions. .
  • If I feel able to provide the right coaching for you and your organisation, and you feel I am the right coach, we will agree a clear contract to include confidentiality, objectives, process and costs.
  • The initial meeting is without obligation and at no cost to you


We can discuss how this will work at the initial meeting, but the format usually follows as such:

1. I will arrange a time and date to meet with each individual. This can be done:


  • Face to face at your organisation (travel costs apply)
  • Over the telephone
  • Via Skype/Facetime

2. Sessions take place during the normal working day usually twice a month for up to one hour.

3. It is beneficial to all concerned that commitment to the process is for a minimum of three months. This way the individual and I can really put into practice the methods and approaches needed to achieve the objectives set out.

4. Each session then explores and challenges the relevant opportunities and goals, and identifies practical steps to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

5. At the end of each session, the individual and I will review their achievements and agree the action plan to work on until we meet again. This is to enable them to gain the most benefits from the process.

6. The sessions are confidential between the coach and each individual – the only sharing of session details with other members of the organisation is with the express approval of the individual being coached.

7. After three months a  3-way meeting is held between myself, the individual and their manager to discuss progress against objectives and check value from the coaching for the client and the organisation. Any additional support can be identified at this point.


3-month programme
Two coaching sessions per month for 3 months: £1,000

6-month programme
Two coaching sessions per month for 6 months: £1,800

Annual programme
Up to 3 x coaching sessions per month for 12 months: £3,000

3-way meeting : £250

The sessions are invoiced and paid for in advance.

Travel expenses charged at £50/hour (pro rata) if further then 15 miles from WR11 7TH